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Research and development services are the summed efforts of the multiple and effective entities that are to be followed to help you in the better achievements of the overall research outcomes. Advanced and applicative strategies have been developed to help you score the brace.

Basic Research

Basic research is among few of the core elements that are being missed by experts which ultimately may lead to fail in their research. With our team you can always take the most of them to help you achieve the intended result.

  1. Zero negligence
  2. Comprehensive reporting
  3. Proof read
  4. Extensive Coverage

Testing Service

Production of quality is research is one thing and having it approved is another. Technexia shall deploy expert quality assurance team that will maximize you’re the chances of having your publication accepted at international forums.

  1. Proof reading
  2. Compliance check
  3. Contextual scope compliance
  4. Journal standard compliance check

Research Consultation

Research consultation shall guide you all through the entire process of the research. From acceptance of your research to selecting the most appropriate journal and finally have it published it in the journal.

  1. Accurate analysis of the topic.
  2. Proper guidance for the publication.
  3. Proof reading services.
  4. Scope and domain compliance.
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  • Detailed Analysis
  • Maximum Acceptance
  • Unlimited Revisions


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Basic Research

Research Development Services provides a variety of services for faculty seeking support for research, performance, public service and scholarly projects. These include funding source information dissemination, assistance with proposal development and management of internal research support programs. Technexia is the central coordinator for most external competitions. Technexia also coordinates funding information, develops proposal workshops, and provides other research-related services. We welcome researchers to contact any of our staff members to discuss research goals, strategy, and potential funding sources.

Testing Service

Excellent content production and maximum acceptance level is the prime target of Technexia. Our team has been in business for past multiple years. With our collection of champions you can have increased the chances of your publication to be accepted in international journals. The testing team has been developed in a manner that ensures the maximum satisfaction of the clients. At some points you may over see an error but it is almost impossible to be left undetected by our testing team. Technexia validates to supply you seamless quality that one might have lacked all those years. So with Technexia you can have the proper examination of your publications as per the standards defined by your journal.

Research Consultation

Technexia supplies bespoke consultancy service to governments, businesses and institutions in the public sector and academia. These consultancy services usually draw upon both our knowledge of specific fields, including education and skills, project management and analysis of impact. The process varies dependent on the project, but generally includes detailed discussion of intended project outcomes, background research, stakeholder mapping and interviews/focus groups, project or delivery model design, and support for implementation. Apart, our services also extend to the proper selection of the journal and guiding you to have it published it in it.

Terms Of Use

Basic Research

Basic research services offered by Technexia has been developed with keeping the core essence of providing expert services. Technexia is not responsible for the results that may come up after the conduction of the research. The results shall be solely to acquaint the customers about the outcomes of their research. The customers are advised to pre inform about their deadlines while placing their order. The deadlines shall be managed accordingly. In case of short deadline the customers are expected to cooperate with Technexia.

Testing Service

Technexia expects that the customers shall abide by the mentioned terms of use. The publication content and the scope shall be the sole proprietary of the customer and none of the content shall be ever replicated nor used for personal use. The customers will only be provided proofing, compliance check and formatting services. Any service other than this shall not be treated under testing domain. Customers are advised to pre intimate the deadline before the order is processed.

Research Consultation

Research consultancy services are only limited to have the paper screened and checked for any kind of errors. Everything beyond this shall not be the responsibility of Technexia. The research consultancy services also includes the proper guidance of the content production as per the acceptance criteria. Technexia shall not produce the content for your publication. However, it can be edited for eradication of grammatical and structural errors. Deadlines are to be pre-communicated before the processing of the order.

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