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The content management services are the mix of multiple services that are to be considered while the management of the brand and its linked content. In due course Technexia has created an exceptional team of linguistic experts to help you fulfil your content needs.

Content Creation

Content creation is a great way to publish high quality, relevant content on a consistent basis. However, content creation can’t stand alone. Original created content is the linchpin of any content marketing strategy.

  1. Excellent English
  2. Zero proofing errors
  3. Maximized Content creativity
  4. SEO Friendly Content

Content Collaboration

It's time to look beyond the basic content management solutions that simply provide secure file storage in organized libraries. Today’s hyper-connected enterprises must address advanced business requirements to communicate, collaborate and connect better.

  1. Web casts of the events
  2. Event registration and reminders
  3. Project information and documentation
  4. Participation Reminders

Content Archieving

Content archiving is one of the most hectic services that are to be supplied by the IT service providers. With having us on your side, you will never have to worry about managing and organizing your e-mails and other infrastructural communications.

  1. E-mail archiving
  2. Compliance Regulations
  3. E-mail archiving processes
  4. Regular Backups
Why Our Services ?
  • Clean Content
  • Meaningful Illustration
  • In-depth critique


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Content Creation

Websites with rarely-updated, static content leave little reason for visitors to return. Visitors need to have a reason to come back to your site. They want information that’s relevant to them, speaks in their terms – and is updated on a regular basis. At the same time internet search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! love to find new, original content. They reward websites whose pages are updated regularly by placing them higher in search results pages. That means that your business can appear more often (and nearer to the top) of search results pages if you keep adding new, original, exceptional content on a regular basis. However, inappropriate or badly-structured content can work against you.

Content Collaboration

Our Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration services can help you to find right-fit solutions — solutions that increase efficiency with workflow automation, reduce resources costs through consolidations and cloud implementations, recover faster from unexpected events, and mitigate information security risks by meeting compliance standards. See how you charter an efficient content management strategy to help your enterprise connect anytime, anywhere and on any device. With Technexia you will have the complete leverage to customize your experience and make the most of our services along with maintaining the benefits with the cost effective approaches that fit your needs.

Content Archieving

Technexia has produced the range of content archiving services that shall be well suited as per your need. The adaptive strategies have been made such that, the content is always at the safer side to be used by the customer. Technexia never fails to serve their customers for the betterment of their cause. On this note, our content archiving services have been brought up in a manner that, the customer will never have to worry about any of their content related queries or its organization. With us, your data is always safe and sound while easily accessible for daily needs.

Terms Of Use

Content Creation

Content produced by Technexia shall be considered to be as the sole proprietary of Technexia SMC Pvt. Ltd. The customers shall be given the permission to use the content as per the clauses mentioned in the agreement. The content shall be produced in accordance to the need of the customer. Technexia reserves the right to further amend the content and use it for its future purposes. The deadlines are subjected to deviate considering the conditions.

Content Collaboration

Technexia has mentored multiple content collaboration services that have been designed to serve you in your assistance. The services have been available under the condition that the customer will have to provide us the planner right at the beginning of the services. Technexia will also need to be timely updated for any sudden changes in the plans. The service is all about collaboration there is no certain deadline for the project. The payment has to be made on monthly basis from the day the services are initiated.

Content Archieving

Technexia shall by no mean be responsible for the content that is provided by the customers. The privacy of the data shall be maintained on the copy that shall be received by you. The content shall not be replicated nor used for any personal purpose. The customer will have to provide Technexia the valid credentials to access the accounts and the accounts shall be considered as shared property of Technexia and the customer. The project will not be having any deadline. The customer will have to pay monthly subscription charges set by during the agreement in order to continue using the services.

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