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E-commerce is the future of the shopping.  With multiple vendors and endless customers you will always be at the top with our exceptional e-commerce solutions and services.

E-Commerce Web Design

E-commerce web designs and services are the next prominent identity of the market.  Online shopping is the new concept. Added to it, you can save a substantial amount by just working from home. Just get our services and leave the rest for us to serve you.

  1. Multiple revisions
  2. Fully Customized design
  3. Maximum user friendly
  4. Creative UI

Payment Gateway Integrations

Secure online payment is the biggest concern of today’s world. Make your transactions secure and payment more reliable with our excellent services of payment gateway integration.

  1. Quick response
  2. Satisfactory services
  3. Support of multiple online payment channels
  4. Authorized services

E-Commerce CMS

Online shopping portals are very lucrative services that are being offered by today’s world. Bringing sale is different thing while managing it accordingly is entirely different. With Technexia, you can have a fully customized E-commerce CMS as per your need.

  1. Highly customized
  2. Detailed Reporting
  3. Comprehensive tracking
  4. Bulk data management
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  • Frequent Reporting
  • Maximized Output
  • Integrated Benefits


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E-Commerce Web Design

Grow your e-commerce business starting today! If you are looking for an experienced, full-service e-commerce partner, you have come to the right place. Leverage our years of e-commerce and marketing experience to build and grow your business. If you need help building a new store, improving an existing store or keeping up with ongoing maintenance we have you covered. When it comes to building or managing your store, we are available 7 days a week. We offer around the clock support. When other companies are sleeping, someone at Technexia is up and working on your project!

Payment Gateway Integrations

Our Payment Gateway Integration services enable you to receive payments online through a wide variety of payment methods. With our extensive experience in the implementation of popular payment gateways, we can provide an end-to-end solution starting from helping you choose the right service provider based on your requirements till the seamless integration of the service with your system. It is very important to choose what kind of payment options you would provide in your e-commerce store. Shoppers do get frustrated when they like the product but they do not have option to pay they want. You do lose customer, you lose reputation. So come to us and have the most from our payment integration services.

E-Commerce CMS

E-commerce CMS portal services comes up with highly customizable and comprehensive reporting for better management and organization of the designs. With the advanced tools and techniques, you can have a complete and commanding grip over your online business. From payment clearances to new order, Technexia shall provide you exquisite E-commerce CMS services that alone can handle your work. With our well-equipped facility and expert team of developers you will only have to quote your requirements. Rest of the work shall be done by Technexia itself. Your dream of managing a smooth business shall no longer remain a business. With us you will always get what you want.

Terms Of Use

E-Commerce Web Design

E-Commerce web designs produced by Technexia shall not be in the interest of Technexia to be used for any purpose. The designs shall only be the property of the customer and can be used for any purpose. Technexia shall not be responsible for any activities brought by the design. The designs shall be timely revised as per the revision mentioned in the agreement. The deadline of the project is subjected to deviate considering the conditions. The cost of the project shall be quoted after the detailed analysis of the work required.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Payment gateway integration service shall be made under the condition that the customer will have to provide us the needed credentials for the online payment authorization. All of the further services shall be abandoned until and unless requested material is received. The payment transactions shall not be the responsibility of Technexia and it shall totally lie at the customer and the payment channel. There shall be no certain deadline for this project. The costing shall be disclosed at the time of the agreement.

E-Commerce CMS

E-commerce CMS service has been brought up to cater your responses for the better management of the orders and the work flow. By choosing to use Technexia as the service provider you abide to follow that, you will provide all the needed information that shall be requested to develop your portal. The information may include the nature of the product, monthly order flow, total amount of revenue generated by the portal, payment channel and other. The information shall be kept highly confidential and shall not be used for any personal reasons. The deadline of the project is subjected to deviate considering the conditions.

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