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Software are frequently evolving and are becoming more self-aware with the passage of time. With such instances there is a significant need of software maintenance to align with the current needs of the market.

Remote Trouble Shooting

Remote trouble shooting will help to have your facility without having the burden of an exclusive team to visit your facility. With Technexia, you can simply save a lot of time and money!

  1. Third party integration service
  2. Cost effective
  3. Proper assessment of IT infrastructure
  4. Incorporating latest technologies

Installation Services

Technexia has developed some of the most comprehensive installation services to cater your daily needs. Ranging from software installation services to deploying heavy duty servers and other computational service. We have it all to serve you

  1. Technological support
  2. Well versed team
  3. Expert supervision
  4. Lowest cost

Product Migration

The software products are continuously becoming smarter with every passing day. The software are now being moved to whole new dimensions. With our exceptional product migration services you will get what you must need to sustain in this market.

  1. Impact Analysis
  2. Data Integrity Check
  3. Proper Analysis of the legacy system.
  4. Identification of enhanced features
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  • Agile and Durable
  • Robust Solutions
  • Minimized Down Time


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Remote Trouble Shooting

Technexia’s remote trouble shooting services have been developed such that, the customer does not have to bear the additional cost and the time to maintain the facility. With our off-site maintenance service you can always enjoy the perks of using updated and robust system without the problem of having a dedicated team working at your site. From providing trouble shooting to the installation of new software of even revamping an entire IT infrastructure, team Technexia has all the needed resources and the skills that are needed to improvise your business and lead it to new horizons of operational effectiveness.

Installation Services

Technexia has assembled its advanced installation services and all that as per the need of the customers. Ranging from the complex machineries to the deployment of the software, team Technexia will always serve you in the better of your cause. Over the years of experience, we have mastered multiple domains to facilitate you in the best of your cause. Our advanced techniques have been timely endorsed by our customers. When we say we deliver, we mean it! While other companies may just limit their resources to carry out your infrastructural needs.

Product Migration

As the Technology is evolving the companies are left outdated unless they migrate their software's to latest solutions for getting technological and functional advantage. Without which the existing legacy system fail in support the present requirements forcing companies to compromise with their business growth. Technexia has proven expertise in providing software migration services, helping transforming the customers to latest software’s and solutions in a seamless manner with functional and data migration process. With over years of experience we have successfully executed multiple projects that all maps onto the need of the customer. Thus, choosing to serve us shall be one decision that you may never regret.

Terms Of Use

Remote Trouble Shooting

Remote trouble shooting team will need to have the access of the credentials if the system is being deployed online. In other cases of offline system, the source code needs to be supplied in order to rectify and fix the bugs. The project shall be divided as per the nature of work. New features will be treated as enhancements and bug rectification will be deemed as maintenance. The deadline of the project is subjected to deviate considering the conditions.

Installation Services

Installation team has to be individually deployed at the installation site. The customers are intimated that their dining allowance has to be beared by the company themselves. The team shall work within the working hours of Technexia. The installation equipment shall be provided by the customer themselves; that shall include the hardware and other needed commodities. The deadline of the project shall be decided after the proper evaluation of the project. The deadlines are subjected to deviate considering the conditions.

Product Migration

Product migration services are all subjected to the software or the system that has to be migrated. Technexia at any cost shall not be liable to comprehend the features of the existing software neither will be responsible for any loss that might have been caused by it. The migrated software will be tested for improvised performance and it shall be the duty of Technexia to improve the user experience. The team shall be needing the required resources to migrate the product and that must be provided by the customer themselves. The deadlines are subjected to deviate considering the conditions.

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