Information Retrieval

The information stored is in the format that is highly simple and authentic. Every activity of the patient is kept on board and none of the activities are sent out beyond the system. The system is self-aware and will just need few clicks to fetch the entire history of the patient. The information shall be displayed on the basis of every event that might be associated with the patient. Technexia hospital management system holds the endurance to revive the essence of advanced tracking of the activities. Unlike other systems, Technexia hospital management system can be further linked with other departments that will be encompassed within the hospital. So, no matter what the patient might be given, you will always have the complete record of the activities.

Instant Reporting

With Technexia hospital management system the users will have a quick access to the reporting of the patients’ ailment and the treatment. Their service charges and other linked activities shall also be incorporated in the hospital management system. The advanced integration of the Technexia hospital management system will be an added advantage for the users of the system. With having the Technexia hospital management system as the driving force behind your operation you will never lack the reporting that might be needed by you.

Treatment Decisions

Technexia hospital management system holds the capability to store the information based on the development of the patients activities linked with the hospital. Every treatment and medication can be recorded on the system and further decisions can easily be made on such data. The system can also be used as the centralized repository to track down the activities of the operating authorities with the patient. Doing so, shall help the doctors to further devise the treatment strategy for the patient.

Detailed Log

Technexia admits the value of the data. With our systems our users will never have to worry about the production of the logs and keeping the track of past activities. Like our other products, Technexia hospital management system will provide you a comprehensive log for the list of activities committed by the users. Whether it is a simple sign in or any other complex task, the super admin will always have the leverage to put up the surveillance over the system to counter act against unwanted activities.

Hospital Management System

Hospitals and other ailment treat organizations are offering some of the most authentic services that are needed to serve humanity. Working under strict circumstances, you will never have the chance to turn your back to the patient. Technexia being an IT transformation unit feels pride to serve the humanity limited under its domain to deliver the most of the services.


Technexia has developed a highly versatile and effective hospital management system that shall promptly cater your responses to serve the humanity. From the arrival of the patient to his admission in the treatment facility and finally the successful healing and discharge Technexia hospital management system will be serving as the driving force behind the better management of the hospital. The software will be primarily serving as the centralized repository that will be used to track the patient interaction and the services availed by him. Every medication and treatment shall be done on the basis of the system. Technexia hospital management system will be there to help you in your case.

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  • Information Retrieval
  • Instant Reporting
  • Treatment Decisions
  • Detailed Log
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Why Our Product ?

  1. Detailed Reporting
  2. Attractive GUI
  3. Extensive Integration
  4. Individual Tracking
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Q 1. What is Technexia hospital Management System?

It is a Hospital Management Software that can be used by one or chain of hospitals. It is a web based application that is secure, easy to install, and use. It is an automated solution that streamlines operations of a hospital to enhance its efficiency. It is designed to take care of all aspects of running a healthcare organization from employee and patient management to accounting and financials.

Q 2. Why should I choose Technexia hospital Management System?

We offer the best value for money and superior quality of services at affordable prices. Our software encompasses functions like Hospital Information Management Systems, Complete calendar scheduling for multiple locations and multiple physicians, Complete PCMH reporting, Complete MU reporting, advanced interactive dashboards for ICU and critical care, Bi Directional labs and radiology integration, equipment integration, Complete integrated material management system, Integrated stores and inventory modules and a easy to use billing and accounting system built in. Document Management Systems, and employee management systems.

Q 3. Can you provide customized solutions?

Yes, our software has scope for customization to meet your needs and sync with your hospital environment. You can talk to us for more information. Various modules of Technexia hospital management system can be seamlessly integrated in order to facilitate highest level of flexibility within a hospital environment.

Q 4. Is size of hospital a consideration to use this software?

No, it's scalable software that you can use irrespective of size and type of hospital/clinic. Specialty Clinics & Physicians, General Practitioners, General Surgeons, Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Ophthalmologists, Cardiologists, Pediatricians and many other disciplines.

Q 5. Can a hospital that is already using another (or legacy) health care software product use Technexia hospital management system?

Yes. Technexia hospital management system modular design structure enables migration of data from any software onto our platform seamlessly and smoothly with no compatibility issues.

Q 6. Do I have to pay onetime cost or a monthly fee? If your software releases advanced version, as a user will I be eligible to download it for free? What about support and training?

First of all, Technexia hospital management system requires no special skill or training as it is very user friendly. However, our team offers any help that you and your staff may require from time to time. When you buy the software from us, we will depute a person exclusively for you until you are comfortable with it and can work in it independently.

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