Increased Sales

Technexia inventory management system offers effective management of the orders along with the seamless services that are to be implanted in the procedures to make the most of the resources. Elevated sales and maximized productivity; that is what Technexia inventory management system has to offer. With the application of the Technexia inventory management system you can always have the better leverage to outshine your peers and see the graphs go up. Technexia has keenly crafted the inventory management system that has been tailored to fit your needs. In the better context of the management, you can always enjoy the perks of hassle free inventory management with greater sales output.

Order Management

Tired of updating spreadsheets. If yes, then look no more. Technexia inventory management system is developed to take over your problems. All you have to do is install and feed your data to Technexia inventory management system. The rest shall be the duty of our system to have the work managed for you. The advanced applications of inventory management system will keep the close track of your orders. From packaging to its delivery, you are always going to have complete access of the tracking to aid you in the better management of your products.  Once the order is registered on the Technexia inventory management system, its processes and threads are going to spy its flow and keep you updated for every instance of time.

Better Tracking

Forget those days when you had to keep a manual track of every single order. Long duty hours, hectic sheet management and strict vigilance. With Technexia inventory management system you will always get what the most of the systems might not provide you. The added feature of tracking will help you to sit back and relax. Each of your product will be assigned a unique key and that key will be the identity of your order or product throughout its life cycle. The developed system is smart enough to read the product with its key and aid you to monitor your commodities while you are on the go. With advanced statistical and mathematical formulation the system is also capable to nudge you whenever you run out of the material. So, Technexia inventory management system will always be at the upper hand to facilitate you.

Reduced Turnaround Time

Technexia inventory management system is designed to make the processes highly efficient and effective. While in operations, every single second counts. Your time is far more precious than the effort that you put in. With us, you will never have to worry about time anymore. From the arrival of the material to its production every process has been attempted to be made highly effective and efficient. With Technexia inventory management system, your every second shall be attempted to be saved. Whether it is the processing time or asset management, every single entity will be automated and shall be brought to its reduced time.

Inventory Management System

Inventories are the most fundamental entities that are to be ensured in the better management of the sales and tracking capabilities. Technexia has developed an inventory management system that shall aid you to maximize your business and generate the maximum revenue while keeping your business organized.


Inventory management system is the core need of the growing organizations. From the arrival of the material to its successful production and finally its dispatch, Technexia inventory management system will be there to manage your work. As per your requirement, Technexia inventory management system will respond back to your queries and will further help you in the effective performance of your team. In due course, you will have the access to one of the most effective performance systems and choosing to use Technexia inventory management system is definitely going to be a decision that you will never regret.

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  • Increased Sales
  • Order Management
  • Better Tracking
  • Reduced Turnaround Time
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Q 1. What is Technexia inventory management system?

Technexia inventory management system is state of the art and fully automated system that has been designed to cater your effective needs of the stock and other raw material. With Technexia inventory management system you get to have one of the finest inventory management system that is there to automate your system.

Q 2. How can this system help me to expand my business?

With Technexia inventory management system you will never have to worry about the management of the inventory. The inventory management system also helps you to draw the most effective SOP’s that shall automatically incur the least time. Time saved here can be invested elsewhere that can be in the better of your corporate interest.

Q 3. How does inventory management software differ from other supply chain software?

The broadest definition of the term “inventory management software” would have to include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) legacy software that records basic data on inventory. Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tools help manage the raw materials and components used in manufacturing, and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) have analogous features for warehouse inventory management. Today, the term “inventory management software” denotes a distinct category of specialized tools for collecting and analyzing inventory-related information for planning purposes.

Q 4. What are the advantages of using inventory management software?

You can reach the target service you are aiming for within 1 replenishment cycle. Higher service = fewer stock outs = higher sales. It reduces capital tied up in stock and frees up cash flow. It saves time and money by automating the procurement and replenishment processes.

Q 5. What is required to implement inventory management software?

Inventory management software must be integrated into existing ERP systems, often at great expense. Evaluate different system provider’s capabilities to integrate or transfer data between your ERP and the inventory management solutions. Often an implementation project takes 3 to 6 months but with Technexia inventory management system, you can get started with a simple Excel import and export data transfer. We have you up and running in days and your business will get value from the system within a week.

Q 6. What type of solutions can we expect from the Inventory Control System Products?

We endeavor to make our products as all-encompassing as possible.  You can count on solutions for: inventory tracking, purchasing, technician usage tracking, mobility and cost recovery.

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