Pre-defined Templates

Our SMS Alert System has been developed in a manner that you will not have to format your messages. Our system is smart enough to pre load the messages from the selected messages library. The customization of the message library shall be left with the user for the first time. All you have to do is feed the system with the messages templates for the first time and the rest can be selected later every time the system needs to send the message.

Custom Messages

Apart from pre-defined messages templates, the users will also have the leverage to broadcast their custom messages. Unlike other systems, custom messages can be either considered as the template or can be deleted after the use. In this way, you can use your system for any kind of bulk messaging. The developed product has been intentionally kept this way to provide you highly customizable experience along with granting the maximum leverage to the users.

Cost Effective

Cost optimization has always been the influential factor behind the success of the establishment. If the enterprise is sufficient enough to save cost, it has higher chances of making it to the list of highly successful enterprises. Even the slightest of the costs can be an integral entity in the flourishing of business. With Technexia SMS alert system you can enjoy the cost effective solutions while managing and organizing your communications over the subjected audience.

Detailed Log

Technexia SMS alert system keeps the track of activities that might have gone through its platform. With its advanced tracking capability SMS alert system makes the most of the available data space and resources to generate its log. The log can be documented as per multiple reporting standards and file supports. The available file supported platform include; word processor, spreadsheet and PDF. It is also capable of deriving the logs on the basis of certain events and specific respondents.

SMS Alert System

SMS are the most integral part of the communication systems. One cannot simply ignore its significance when it comes to organized communication. With Technexia you can have the most efficient and advanced communication medium to transfer your queries or messages to the subjected receivers.


Today, SMS are a widely used communication medium that is used to transmit the data to the intended person. With having a custom SMS alert system you can have the most economical solution for delivering your messages. Whether it is schools, universities or corporate enterprises, SMS were and have always been a vital entity to circulate the information and gathering the response. With Technexia you will always have the opportunity to improvise your presence and organize your communication as per your need.

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  • Pre-defined Templates
  • Custom Messages
  • Cost Effective
  • Detailed Log
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Why Our Product ?

  1. Swift Response
  2. Mutiple Group Support
  3. Advanced Reporting
  4. Montlhly Log
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Q 1. What is Technexia SMS Alert System?

SMS Alert is a software application used to send emergency alerts, notifications and updates to your mobile device and/or e-mail account. In the event of a campus emergency, the owner will be able to send important alerts and updates to your cell phone or mobile device. All SMS alert system users that may include students, faculty, employees and staff email accounts will be registered on SMS Alerts. Users are encouraged to add their mobile device to their SMS Alert account.

Q 2. How does the Technexia SMS alert system works?

In any needed situation, an alert will be sent by the registered users which serves as the SMS Alerts respondent pool. You will receive several text messages on your mobile device. The messages will be either from the set templates or the custom messages that the owner might send.

Q 3. What types of alerts will be sent?

Technically speaking, the application has been developed to send SMS messages. The messages can be either simple text, numbers or any other significant supported file format. The messages shall be broadcasted with the sole purpose of delivering the information.

Q 4. Is there going to be any installation charges?

The project cost is inclusive of installation charges. The project will only need a SMS providing service to further transmit the messages over the web.

Q 5. What are the after sales servicees against SMS alert system?

Technexia provides a broad range of after sales service. The support team is always there to assist you for your prompt responses. Besides, our 24/7 online support will ensure seamless operations of our products. Technexia also holds one of the best on and off-site maintenance team ready to serve you in your cause.

Q 6. Who is going to bear the service charges?

SMS services charges shall be the sole responsibility of the buyers. The owners will have to pay the service subscription charges as per the mutual agreement of the involved parties.

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