Appealing Calendar

Technexia event management calendar is state of the art event software that comes up with the calendar to integrate your upcoming events on to it. The calendar will help you to organize your events in a thematic formation so that you never miss any of them. The developed event management system helps you to create your events directly on the calendar and have them displayed to the intended audience.

Multiple Check Ins

Technexia event management system provides multiple check in option. The check in option can help you to manage your events along with registering multiple attendants on to the system. Every individual user can have the leverage of viewing the events along with their assigned date and the included personnel in the event log.

Event Registration

Technexia event management system has a built in module of event registration. The event registration module helps you to produce and register multiple participants for a certain event. Every individual event will also have multiple participants. The admin will be having the complete leverage of developing and preparing complete reports and all that as per the critical needs of the usage.

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity is the fundamental need of the current products. Induced application strategy can be used to enhance and escalade the productivity of the system. With Technexia event management system you can always enjoy the maximum production of the events while incurring the least of the resources. The productivity of the system has always been the prime target of our services and one can easily trust our services when it comes to credibility.

Event Management System

Event management system is one of the most competitive entities that are to be ensured in the maximization of the planning and management of the events. With Technexia event management system, you can always have the benefit of organizing your events and putting them right on the spot where they are meant to be.


We have been building event registration and management software for over past many years. Thanks to input from thousands of event coordinators, race and endurance operators, and camp organizers we have developed the most advanced and configurable event registration platform in the market. Creating a registration page is easy, and can be setup within just a few minutes. We offer advanced options to control everything about the registration process. Technexia also endeavors to provide maximum support for the management and the development of the events along with organizing them to their best extent.

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  • Appealing Calendar
  • Multiple Check Ins
  • Event Registration
  • Increased Productivity
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Why Our Product ?

  1. Automatic Reporting
  2. Advanced Scheduling
  3. Multiple Event Support
  4. Effective Management
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Q 1. What is online registration?

Online registration is the practice of allowing invitees to register for meetings and events online. Online registration also allows registrants to securely pay for their event registration online. Technexia’s event management system provides dynamic multi-path registration that allows for a targeted, personalized experience for every registrant based upon contact type.

Q 2. How can invitees register for my event?

Technexia’s event management software offers several options for event registration. Guests can register via links sent to them in email invitations and reminders. Guests can also phone in, mail in, or fax in registration information, which can then be manually entered into the software by the meeting organizer. Finally, online software allows attendees to register on-site, as any computer connected to the Internet can function as a registration kiosk for walk-in guests.

Q 3. Does event management system handle multiple registrations under a single payment?

Yes. Event management system accepts bulk registration and payment. Event management system also allows users to define multiple registration prices (e.g. member, non-member, client, VIP, sponsor, exhibitor) to streamline the selection and payment of registration items. Offer partial payment options, early bird discounts, pricing coupons, and volume discounts, all across a wide range of international currencies.

Q 4. What am I going to need to run this application?

Technically speaking you will only need a computer with an internet connection and a web-kit browser. In case you are planning to move it to global level, you will be needing a web hosted database and a server to cater the client registration and responses.

Q 5. Will I have to pay any additional charges if I plan to move my system to cloud?

Yes, you will be only charged for the installation charges and the cloud hosting services of the service providers.

Q 6. What kind of reporting do you offer?

Technexia event management system offers multiple reporting formats. With the basic product package you will get to have the reporting access on word processor, spreadsheet and PDF’s.

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