Attendance Management

Human resource management system is capable of managing the attendance of the employees. The arrival and departure time of the employees can be registered with just a click or by the bio metric impression registration. The check in time can be further divided into shifts that the user might be assigned to. Attendance shall be registered against each individual and will be compiled in the log to be in the report form.

Break Management

Breaks shall be managed in the form of multiple check in and check out. The user once registered against the attendance will then be checked for breaks. The breaks can easily be invoked by the click of the checkout button. The checkout of the user will initiate the break which will be registered against the user which will then provide the complete details of the log and the break timings along with users time ins and time outs.

Event Management

The event management feature acts as the company planner. The employers can register their company’s events on to the calendar which will then be displayed on the dashboards of the employees to intimate them about the upcoming ventures. Detailed description of the events will also assess the usability and the time management of the events and in the better performance of the company's operations.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting features of the human resource management system will highlight all the activities that shall be made during the course of time. Separate reporting for month, week, days, shifts, employees and many others has made it possible for the users to view and interpret the events logs and every other entity that shall make their way in the period of the selected time frame.

Human Resource System

Human resource management system is the most significant need of the current day practices. With its detailed reporting and extra vigilance over the employee activity it has come up with the need of having one for every single organization. With Technexia you can always have the leverage to use our advanced human resource management system to organize your resources activities.


Technexia has assembled state of the art human resource management system that shall keep the track of your daily activities and the employee correspondence with the organization. The human resource management system is also well versed with the capability to work in diverse environments that shall be put up by the clients. Human resource management system is capable enough to make its place in the market and also aid you in the better achievement of your organizational goals.

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  • Attendance Management
  • Break Management
  • Event Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting
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Why Our Product ?

  1. Unlimited Employee Registration
  2. Integration With Sub Modules
  3. Accurate Tracking of Employee Activity
  4. Scheduled Reports
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Q 1. Is the Human Resource Management System using advanced reporting tools?

The human resource management system has been designed with keeping in mind the best market practices. Each and every aspect of the reporting has been closely monitored and has been developed using the latest reporting tools.

Q 2. What is the credibility of this system?

Human resource management system is the sole proprietary of TECHNEXIA SMC PVT. LTD. Any of the illegal activity of the product shall be the responsibility of TECHNEXIA. With over years of experience we have gained a significant market share in the software development domain. Thus, our customers can easily trust on our services.

Q 3. Will I be provided after sales support?

Yes, the customers will be provided the after sales support for a certain period of time mentioned in the agreement. The maintenance services shall also be the part of the after sales service.

Q 4. Are you offering competitive prices?

Technexia has an aim to digitize every single functional domain. For this, we are willing to participate and co-operate with our customers in every aspects. The pricing structure has been kept very nominal considering to the other available products in the market.

Q 5. What probably is going to be the turnaround time from booking to installation?

The turnaround time is solely dependent on you. The sooner you place your order and sign the contract the sooner we shall deploy it at your service. In best cases, the normal turnaround time is around 7 working days. However, it is subjected to fluctuate depending on unplanned conditions.

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