Staff Counting

Multiple point of sales have limited support for the staff that can use the product. In this case, the staff can be referred to as the cashier using the till. The point of sales can support a number of staffs along with having the capability of being operational in distributed environment. The product can be either used by a single person or by the team of users. Point of sales can be a lucrative offer to carry out your needs.

Unlimited Products

Technexia has developed the Point of sales after a through market research. The integrated technologies have been used to give the maximum user satisfaction. Multiple products have been noticed to give a limited support of the products. With our point of sales, you can enjoy the maximum leverage of registering unlimited products on your system along with keeping the close track of each of the entity residing in the system.

Unlimited Storage

The storage and the resources have been the prime target of the software usage. System optimization is the core experience that has to be ensured while the usage of the product. Technexia's product has been developed to provide the maximum user satisfaction while keeping it low on the pocket. With keeping Technexia as your service provider you can get to use the most of the available storage along with managing it accordingly.

Automatic Inventory Update

Selling the product may sometimes cause the users to malfunction with the inventory updates. Technexia's Point of sales has the capability to automatically update the inventory once the product has been checked out and is paid to be used. As the product gets to the customer and is taken point of sales, it then automatically reflects the entry to the inventory system and can be easily tracked down by the concerned personnel to further plan their actions.

Point of Sales

Old fashion cash machines and cash dispensers are no longer compatible with market. With our seamless product of point of sales you can easily integrate your existing purchasing needs along with managing the entire cash flow as you are on the go.


Point of sales is the next generation of developing and mapping the shopping needs while managing the cash flow to map according to the business needs. The point of sales is an automated teller that is sufficient enough to hold the prices of the products. The pricing of the products can be either in the form of text or can be just read from the bar code. The computed price can be developed in the form of a bill and can be electronically transferred to the bank account. Our point of sales is smart enough to cater your needs and map onto your requirements to smarten your business.

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  • Staff Counting
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Automatic Inventory Update
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Why Our Product ?

  1. Effective Cost Management
  2. Automatic Inventory Update
  3. Smart and Innovative GUI
  4. User Friendly
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Q 1. Who should use Technexia Point of Sales?

Point of sales is a unique software that can be used by anyone owning a business or running a shop. More generally, people with having the need to automate their billing and cash collection on their shops, marts or stores are the prime users of Point of sales.

Q 2. What are the minimum system requirements of Point of Sales?

Point of sales is an extremely light weight application that will just need a Pentium 4 or higher with a minimum of 2GB RAM. To smoothen the flow, the customers shall need a barcode scanner and a screen to visualize the processing of POS.

Q 3. Are you having any corporate packages for different businesses?

Point of sales is a unique software that is strong enough to fit your business need. As per your need we can prepare a custom software that shall be enough to cater your needs. Providing you a customized experience has always been our task. With us, you can always have the benefit of having yourself developed fully customized and functional software that will match on to your corporate needs.

Q 4. Will I have to pay any additional installation charges?

No, the pricing is inclusive of the product and the service charges.

Q 5. What are the support services that you are offering?

Technexia offers extensive support services for all of our products. As for point of sales, we offer 24/7 support services free of cost to cater your responses. In worst cases, Technexia has an entire team of workers ready to be deployed at your work site to maintain your project.

Q 6. I’m currently using another point of sales. How can I export my existing information to Technexia Point of Sales?

Technexia Point of sales utilizes the inventory list from your accounting software. If you have the ability to export inventory and customers from your current point of sale, chances are it can be manipulated and imported to your accounting program.

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