Highly Customizable

The student management system is highly customizable and can be molded as per the need of the customer. With our scalable product architecture, you can always have the leverage of enjoying the customized experience of using our product. When we say that, we provide customized experience, we literally mean it. Our top notch customization options will leave you wonder what else you can expect from the product.

Fee Management

The fee management module makes the use of the registration and the enrollment module to make things in the favor of the users. Fee management along with due dates and track management lies as the fundamental responsibility of the module. With having used Technexia as the service provider you can always rely on the exclusive fee management feature to help you organize your payment needs.

Account Management

The account management module helps you to manage your accounting needs along with keeping the close track of the payment facilities. Alongside, the account management module will provide you an extensive support of the ledgers and the accounting principles to streamline the business processes and make the things much in the favor of your institute.

Student Enrollment

When it comes to massive enrollment of the students most of the institutions face a huge lot of problem to carry out the job. Our school management system can easily take care of the tasks while you can just sit back and relax. With our complex and efficient algorithms, your student enrollment shall never be a troublesome activity to carry out. All you have to do is just buy our product and let it take the control of your business processes.

School Management System

A multipurpose system used by educational institutions for administration and management related activities. The all-in-one multipurpose management system to map onto your corporate needs while smoothing up your daily activities


School management system is a comprehensive solution to match your daily needs for the management of the students. Institutes from around the world have been the victim of poor management. The school management system can cater your responses and address them to the best possible extent to organize and manage the entire workflow of the institute. From student registration to the course allocation, our school management system shall manage your tasks accordingly as per your need.

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  • Highly Customizable
  • Fee Management
  • Account Management
  • Student Enrollment
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Why Our Product ?

  1. Effective Monitoring
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  4. Highly Scalable
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Q 1. What is school management?

School Management involves School Management System software that automates the life cycle of a student from admission to pass-out, maintains academic records, facilitates collaboration, and allows schools to collect fees, conduct exams and print report cards.

Q 2. How Will School Management System Support My Unique Educational System?

School Management is a highly customizable online software program that a wide range of schools have adopted to suit their needs (e.g. K-12, vocational training programs, art and film schools, and special skills programs). You can modify each feature to fit your needs, such as rolling semesters or even an academic structure based on hourly credits.

Q 3. What kind of environmental setup will I need to run School Management System?

School Management system is a sophisticated yet highly user friendly software. All you are going to need is a simple web-kit browser that include Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE 9 or above.

Q 4. Can I have School Management System run at my local server?

Technexia pays a significant attention to the privacy of the customers. Most of our products have been developed such that they can be ran in isolation on the local server. Like other software, School Management system can also be installed at your local server and you can enjoy the seamless services without having to worry for external internet connection.

Q 5. Do You offer support to clients?

Our technical support can assist you with any technical problems you may face. Support is provided throughout the week by email, by phone as well as live chat anytime during weekdays. This is absolutely free of charge.

Q 6. Does Technexia offer custom software development?

Yes, along with our range of products, we also offer more than 10 IT services and all as per your domain needs.

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