Auto Generated Pay

Technexia payroll management system makes the use of every possible chunk of information that will be enough to cater your payments. The application takes in the information from leaves to added starred performance and further comprehends it to develop an accurate pay slip. With its added extension from attendance you will never have to manually collect the employee presence feedback. None of the relevant information shall be missed and every single response shall be measured to make the pay slip of the employee. With Technexia payroll management system, we ensure to transform your business cycles from tiring weeks to just few clicks.

Ready Bank Statement

Technexia payroll management system is a fully automated software that is capable enough to mark its brace in its operational domain. By using our software you will always be having the complete leverage to monitor the entire financial flow against a certain employee. The application shall display every single transaction committed against a single employee. So if it is the monthly pay-off or employee loan, Technexia payroll management system will always bring up the accurate solution and reports along with the added integration with the banks.

Detailed Reports

Reporting is one of the core essentials of an application system. You must have a complete knowledge of every single activity that is going through the application. With Technexia payroll management system you are never going to worry about the reporting that shall be needed. Using our system will help you to make the most of the available services while putting in the least of the sources. Our reporting module will collect every single information registered against the employee and will turn it into a spreadsheet, word processor or PDF format. Thus, you can always get to have the most accurate and prompt reporting services while using our software.

Employee Management

Employees are your inevitable assets. A company nurturing the employees is always the one enjoying the perks of higher satisfaction. In worst cases if the employee chooses to quit, it shall be considered as the fundamental duty of the company to clear his dues and give him the release. With Technexia payroll management system, your existing employees shall be considered on their top priority and will be treated with quickest response. So, you will never have to browse through the files or contact every department to grant release to the employee. Technexia payroll management system will accumulate all accounts registered against the employees and will provide you with the accurate debts or dues for the correspondent.

Payroll Management System

Technexia has developed an exceptional payroll management system that shall cater your needs to effectively manage and organize the payment needs of your employees. Our payroll management system shall transform your business processes while saving a lot of efforts induced to carry out the tasks.


Technexia has monitored and organized a remarkable payroll management system that will cater your payment needs while streamlining the operations. With Technexia payroll management system you will have the complete leverage to have a complete access to your monetary requirements along with delivering them in the set time frame. We at Technexia understand the severity and criticality of financial transactions. Thus, we have blended the outstanding market practices along with the maximum proficiency to deliver a comprehensive solution to mark a tick on your needs.

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  • Auto Generated Pay Slips
  • Ready Bank Statement
  • Detailed Reports
  • Employee Management
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Why Our Product ?

  1. Extended Support
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  4. Custom Formulation 
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Q 1. What is the billing cycle? How do I pay?

We follow a pre-paid mode of payment. You will need to top up your account with adequate balance to run your payroll. The first time payment for subscription has to be for a minimum of one quarter. Your account will be charged at each month end based on the active headcount and plan selected.

Q 2. How is the number of employees taken for billing?

You will be billed on the number of active employees you have, An active employee means an employee whose salary gets processed in the normal course and doesn’t include employees for whom all exit formalities have been completed in the system. An employee whose salary has been put on hold or marked for exit and employee marked as “exclude from payroll” is also considered as an active employee.

Q 3. What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept payments by debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and e-wallets supported by our payment gateway service provider. We normally do not entertain any manual payments.

Q 4. What is the minimum system requirement to run this application?

You will generally be needing a computer to run this application. Beside a VPN hosting will be needed to host your data on the web. In case if you need to run the application on your local server you must need a configured server to support the data transition.

Q 5. Can Technexia payroll management system generate statutory reports specific for my country?

Technexia payroll management system is able to generate statutory reports as per your local country and your requirements. Please contact us for any customizations which might be needed. It is free of charge.

Q 6. Does Technexia payroll management system payroll allow multi-currency?

Yes, Technexia payroll management system supports multi-currency. Once a home currency is defined, users are then free to define and pay in any other currency defined.

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