Web Enabled

Our fleet management software is designed to be easy to use and easy to set up. The system is, fully-functional after its installation and is usable within minutes. Then, after purchasing, simply use the fully unlocked software just as before with no migrations or re-installations. The web feature of the application aids in providing maximum mobility and advanced tracking control while the system is on the move. With Technexia fleet management system you can always have the command over your system and maximize the usage in terms of fleet operations.

Quick & Easy

Technexia fleet management system is highly effective and maximum user friendly application. Not only this, you will also get to have a complete installation manual that will aid you in the better usage and understanding of the system. You can always enjoy the perks of highly friendly and catchy UI that will fit best for any public set.

One Time Payment

There are no subscriptions with our fleet management software. There are also no maintenance costs or any other hidden charges. You simply make a one-time payment for the software and you will get full, unrestricted access to the entire program and all of its features. You are free to use the software for maximum number of users registered on your portal. With Technexia fleet management system the management is always at the upper hand to organize and manage their work along with keeping the track of every captain of their fleet.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your confidence in your fleet management software solution must be absolute. This is the software that drives your fleet operations and watches over your assets. At Technexia, we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. Thus, we dare not to put up an attempt to disappoint you. We guarantee maximum satisfaction with the use of our product. Team Technexia has developed some highly effective testing procedures and cases that will ensure the satisfaction and seamless performance while the system is on the go.

Fleet Management System

Your fleets are the vital operating entities that are held by your organizations. One can never choose to negate the significance of the fleet and its management. With Technexia fleet management system you can always have the leverage of managing your fleet while it is on the go.


Track vehicle expenses, create maintenance programs and service schedules, monitor fuel consumption, track vehicle values and depreciation, and manage driver records all from the same interface. Start your day with a daily email from Vehicle Fleet Manager telling you what’s due and what’s past due. Run in-depth reports and dive deep into your data to find ways that your fleet excels at efficiency and where there may be room for improvement. This is the life of a fleet manager who has the power of high-quality fleet management software behind him.

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  • Web Enabled
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • One Time Payment
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Why Our Product ?

  1. Accurate Tracking
  2. Cost Efficient
  3. Bespoke Standards
  4. Stunning Features
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Q 1. What is Technexia fleet management system?

Technexia fleet management system is a comprehensive application that is designed to manage your fleet activities. You will have the complete leverage to manage your fleet while they are on the go. With Technexia fleet management system you can get the most of the leverage to effectively manage your crew along with getting the timely response from your dedicated captains.

Q 2. Where do Technexia fleet management systems work?

Technexia fleet management solutions are completely integrated with your routine activities. The application is a comprehensive Web-based application to display and manage data compiled from fleet management products. Generated reports based on user-defined parameters and current GPS coordinates are easily accessed via a dedicated website to be viewed by designated fleet managers, anywhere in the world.

Q 3. How many vehicles can be tracked at one time?

The application has been developed to cater maximum of the users while providing them the best of the services. As per the test results Technexia fleet management system is capable to host around 1000 members on the board.

Q 4. How many region groups or vehicle groups can be established with Technexia fleet management system? Can region groups or vehicle groups be modified?

There is no region or group limitation with Technexia fleet management system integrated products. With Technexia fleet management system, you can define and modify organizational user groups (with infinite sub-groups) and regions. For example, a municipality might have several groups such as police, fire, road maintenance, etc. Within each group, you can create a new hierarchy of subgroups that is region and group based.

Q 5. What is the minimum system requirement needed to run this application?

Technexia fleet management system is a light weighted web based application. You will be needing a VPN hosting, a legit computer and a mainstream browser.

Q 6. Are there restrictions to the number of assets that can be monitored?

Technexia fleet management system has no restriction on the number of assets that can be monitored. Authorized users can implement various group and region filters to view specific information.

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