Accounting Suite

The accounting suite of the ERP enables the users to get the complete grip of the transactional activities that are being followed by the company. The accounting suite monitors the financial activities going through the system and further come up with the exact requirements that may or may not need to be deployed for the better performance of the system.

Contact Management

Contact management will cater the customer responses. The queries shall be made to be applicable and reflected in the system that will ultimately be routed to the representatives. With having deployed Technexia ERP, your customers will never starve for the prompt and a meaningful response to the queries. The application of the systems will also be made visible to top management for proper tracking of the activities.

Activity Log

Activity log will generate the record of all queries that may have passed from the system. It will also prepare a comprehensive and elaborated report for the better identification of the lacking that might have obstructed in the operations of the company. Logs will also denote the internal exchange of the information made over the ERP.

Detailed Reporting

The reporting module of the ERP will exhibit the generated logs in the form of the documented copies. The ERP will provide extensive support of multiple documentation formats that shall include; document file, spreadsheet, PDF file or any other significant file formats. With Technexia ERP you will always be at the upper hand to have the most of the available services while investing the least of the efforts.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Technexia has developed an ERP that is in the prime interest of the organizational operations. The core features of the ERP includes extensive integration of the human resource, accounts, payroll and other significant entities that are to be considered while the operations of an organization.


Technexia ERP has been developed to provide extensive support for the integrated activities that are to be used in the operation of a company. Primarily, the ERP has been developed to integrate the mediating entities that includes; human resource, payroll, accounts, attendance and other basic needs of an organization. Technexia is also capable to separately produce the ERP for the customized industrial support or as per the specific need of the consumers.

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  • Accounting Suite
  • Contact Management
  • Activity Log
  • Detailed Reporting
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Why Our Product ?

  1. Effective Tracking
  2. Detailed Reporting and Catalogs
  3. Advanced Process Assests
  4. Modular Support
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Q 1. Can I have a completely customized ERP for my corporate need?

Yes, Technexia can develop a fully customized ERP as per your need. The ERP can either be totally generic or as per the industrial need. All we will be needing is the requirement and the rest shall be our duty.

Q 2. What generally is included in your ERP solution?

Technexia ERP is 100% generic ERP solutions that will cater the responses of the daily activities. The activities shall include the appropriate management of the human resources, accounts, payroll and a slight management modules of inventory management.

Q 3. What if I don’t want every feature of your general ERP and want to have some of them omitted?

Technexia ERP has been developed after intense market research. Every module included in it is the fundamental need of every organization. However, if you are willing to have removed some of its modules, you can easily have it. Nevertheless, the cost of the product may deviate in such conditions.

Q 4. What is the estimated size of the organization that your ERP can handle?

Technexia has prepared its ERP considering a corporate scale organization. As per the test results, our ERP is capable of handling 100 users working simultaneously. However, the load testing depicted that; lesser the number of users more efficient the product will perform. In best cases, our ERP can handle a maximum traffic of 150 users hit at a certain time.

Q 5. What is the costing structure of your product?

The costs of the products have been intentionally kept undisclosed. The price of the product is market competitive and our customers have always been satisfied by our prices and the services they received against them.

Q 6. Am I going to have after sales service?

The contract usually holds the clause of providing 1 year after sales service along with maintenance after the deployment of the project. However, it may be deviated as per the mutual concensus.

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