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Healthcare and its linked domains are few of the industries that Technexia feels pride to serve. Considering the needs and the wants of the industry we have developed highly agile and robust performance criteria to help you serve the humanity in a better way. Our products have been thoroughly developed with keeping in mind the exact requirements and the criticality of the encountered conditions. Besides, our services have also been developed in a manner that can be molded as per your need and make the most of the resources to score a brace in the betterment of the society. On the other hand, our team shall also fell proud to serve the humanitarian cause along with delivering the most compatible services to map onto the needs of the conditions.

Technexia's Products and Services

Unlike any other industry healthcare is one of the most critical and sophisticated industries that are operating. With priceless lives to handle, Technexia endorse the efforts of professionals for playing their role in the betterment of humanity. We as IT enthusiasts have considered it as our duties to serve this domain and pay our part for the betterment of this world. In the course of time Technexia has developed some of the most empirical services and products that are to facilitate the domain and serve the humanity.

Technexia's Products

Hospital Management System

Hospitals and other ailment treat organizations are offering some of the most authentic services that are needed to serve humanity. Working under strict circumstances, you will never have the chance to turn your back to the patient. Technexia being an IT transformation unit feels pride to serve the humanity limited under its domain to deliver the most of the services.


  1. Detailed Reporting
  2. Attractive GUI
  3. Extensive Integration
  4. Individual Tracking

Enterprise Resource Planning

Technexia has developed an ERP that is in the prime interest of the organizational operations. The core features of the ERP includes extensive integration of the human resource, accounts, payroll and other significant entities that are to be considered while the operations of an organization.


  1. Effective Tracking
  2. Detailed Reporting and Catalogs
  3. Advanced Process Assests
  4. Modular Support

Payroll Management System

Technexia has developed an exceptional payroll management system that shall cater your needs to effectively manage and organize the payment needs of your employees. Our payroll management system shall transform your business processes while saving a lot of efforts induced to carry out the tasks.


  1. Extended Support
  2. Log Management
  3. Attractive UI
  4. Custom Formulation 

TECHNEXIA has brought up a marvellous range of industrial support services

Over the course of time, TECHNEXIA has been engaged in multiple ventures with sole purpose to derive authentic and smart technological needs that aims to fit your profitability and over coming your hinderances to attain optimum efficiency.

TECHNEXIA shall put up the efforts to simplify your IT infrastructural needs and maximize the productivity of your settlement

TECHNEXIA along with its advanced solutions shall incorporate the advanced needs of the current market conditions to aid you go farther.

Technexia's Services

Content Management

The content management services are the mix of multiple services that are to be considered while the management of the brand and its linked content. In due course Technexia has created an exceptional team of linguistic experts to help you fulfil your content needs.

Sub Services

  1. Content Creation
  2. Content Collaboration
  3. Content Archieving

Software Development

Technexia has engaged top notch professionals for the development of highly scalable and customizable software. In the due course, we have mastered in the domain and have made it a highly integral part of our service range.

Sub Services

  1. Custom Software Development
  2. Application Integration
  3. Software Testing
  4. Maintenance and Support

Graphics Designing

Graphics designing services have been categorized into multiple domains that will be needed by our customers. From branding needs to the applicative strategies to promote them, Technexia has it all to serve you accordingly.

Sub Services

  1. Branding Services
  2. Packaging Services
  3. Advertisement Design
  4. Web Graphic Design

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