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Food, was and will always be the fundamental need of human. With the latest advancements of the trends the industry has witnessed a drastic transition to maximize the facilitations. For the betterment of the customers we have produced some exceptional products that are definitely a “must want” for your business. Besides, our services are also remarkable masterpieces that have been thoroughly planned to develop and expand your business. From procurement to delivery and cash clearance everything shall be the responsibility of team Technexia. The only act we expect you to do is just contact us and later sit back and relax.

Technexia's Products and Services

Food and foodies is one bond that is fairly hard to break. With having established numerous mediums the lust has only been seen to grow up! As per the domain need, having established a restaurant will not do the job. The customers are looking forward to be facilitated with other services as well.  We at Technexia value their wants and have devised some exceptional strategies to make the better of the services for the owners and customers.  

Technexia's Products

Enterprise Resource Planning

Technexia has developed an ERP that is in the prime interest of the organizational operations. The core features of the ERP includes extensive integration of the human resource, accounts, payroll and other significant entities that are to be considered while the operations of an organization.


  1. Effective Tracking
  2. Detailed Reporting and Catalogs
  3. Advanced Process Assests
  4. Modular Support

School Management System

A multipurpose system used by educational institutions for administration and management related activities. The all-in-one multipurpose management system to map onto your corporate needs while smoothing up your daily activities


  1. Effective Monitoring
  2. Fast Response
  3. Sophisticated Workflow
  4. Highly Scalable

Event Management System

Event management system is one of the most competitive entities that are to be ensured in the maximization of the planning and management of the events. With Technexia event management system, you can always have the benefit of organizing your events and putting them right on the spot where they are meant to be.


  1. Automatic Reporting
  2. Advanced Scheduling
  3. Multiple Event Support
  4. Effective Management

TECHNEXIA has brought up a marvellous range of industrial support services

Over the course of time, TECHNEXIA has been engaged in multiple ventures with sole purpose to derive authentic and smart technological needs that aims to fit your profitability and over coming your hinderances to attain optimum efficiency.

TECHNEXIA shall put up the efforts to simplify your IT infrastructural needs and maximize the productivity of your settlement

TECHNEXIA along with its advanced solutions shall incorporate the advanced needs of the current market conditions to aid you go farther.

Technexia's Services

Web Development

Technexia has produced exceptional web development services along with incorporating the use of latest technologies circulating around the domain to prepare the best match for your business needs.

Sub Services

  1. PSD Designing
  2. PSD To HTML Conversion
  3. Responsive Design
  4. Email Newsletter
  5. jQuery Templates
  6. Cross Platform Compatibility

Software Development

Technexia has engaged top notch professionals for the development of highly scalable and customizable software. In the due course, we have mastered in the domain and have made it a highly integral part of our service range.

Sub Services

  1. Custom Software Development
  2. Application Integration
  3. Software Testing
  4. Maintenance and Support

E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce is the future of the shopping.  With multiple vendors and endless customers you will always be at the top with our exceptional e-commerce solutions and services.

Sub Services

  1. E-Commerce Web Design
  2. Payment Gateway Integrations
  3. E-Commerce CMS

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